The LFCT believes everyone has the right to a decent education – education creates opportunities to improve quality of life and helps people to lift themselves out of poverty. In the communities the LFT works, women and girls are particularly excluded from education. Universal access to education is one of the key parameters in achieving gender equality. Our work on education includes:

  • Enabling an inclusive learning environment for marginalised children including those with special educational and medical needs, along with children forcibly removed from their homes, to fulfil their full potential through funding scholarships from Primary School right through to University in Gaza, India, Kenya, Iraq, Tanzania and Yemen.
  • Enabling children with audio-visual disabilities to access quality, specialist education though funding partnerships at the Atfaluna School in Gaza.
  • Empowering orphaned children to get the education they deserve and have the best start in life through our orphan sponsorship programme in India, Iraq Pakistan and Yemen. This keeps children in school by providing a financial incentive to keep families out of poverty. The LFT also supports orphaned children to access the best quality education including access to private educational settings to enabling them to have the best opportunities.
  • Providing digital devices to families in the UK who are dependent on food aid so that the children can continue to study from home during a pandemic and continue doing homework and research on digital devices. This has increased educational performance and improves children’s long term opportunities.

  • Enabling e-learning systems and providing devices to the schools catering for the needs of the deaf communities in Gaza and Pakistan. The resources created include materials with sign language that parents and children alike can learn together as a family. This improves family communication around wellbeing and aims to reduce incidence of domestic and gender based violence.

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