Beyond the fast. lasting changes

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With Ramadhan approaching, a window of opportunity emerges to make a significant impact on lives and elevate communities. Your support holds the potential to spark lasting transformations, extending beyond the month of Ramadhan and resonating well into the future. 

This Ramadhan, LFT is guided by three impactful themes. 

Transform Lives

Explore stories of positive change fuelled by your support. Your compassion is the driving force behind transformative experiences.

Provide Hope

Step into a world of hope where your donations make an immediate impact, sowing seeds for a brighter future.

Enable Empowerment

Join us in empowering communities. Your support enables sustainable solutions, fostering independence and resilience. Together, we create lasting change

Donate today and be the change that lasts: empower lives beyond Ramadhan

At LFT, we are committed to supporting those in need. Want to learn more? Read our brochure now for insights into our impactful initiatives.

empower lives beyond Ramadhan