LFT Pongwe primary and secondary School

LFT Pongwe primary and secondary School
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LFT Pongwe primary and secondary School is situated between Tanga and Muheza in nothern tanzania.

It’s caters for a large population of albino and sight impaired students in its 900 student population.

The picture on the top left shows the situation of the classrooms that 40-50 students studied in. Cramped, often sitting on the floor or broken desks these students often injured themselves along damaged corridors or broken steps.

Through painstaking months of refurbishment timelined along the right hand pictures the children return to 17 refurbished classrooms and 4 new classrooms.

All corridors have been made safe with handrails on each set of steps having handrails.

A nee playground and turf for the play area so the visually impaired students can play auditory games in full safety will be complemented with a fully functioning medical clinic for students staff and parents.

With a renewed borewell and irrigation for vegetables the school community will be able to grow their own food.

All that remains now is for the children to get a nee desk, stand-alone for personal comfort and hygiene at $50 or £36 this would provide children with the comfort seating for the eight hours a day they spend in class. It costs £2,000 for desks and chairs in a classroom or $2,500.

A new level of educational delivery – that’s what the donors of the LFT are enabling in many locations, Kaole and Pongwe in Tanzania 🇹🇿 being the most recent.

Thank you for your support.