Access to appropriate and affordable healthcare is a basic human right at every stage in life. For mothers, appropriate healthcare is vital for healthy pregnancy, safer births and reductions in maternal and newborn mortality. We work in partnership with institutions, hospitals, charities and medical professionals to provide essential, lifesaving medical care. Good health is the foundation to living a dignified life. Enabling individuals to return to education and to work to support themselves, their family and community.

Access to healthcare has been a core objective of the LFT since its inception. Our work includes:

  • Eliminating all avoidable maternal deaths and the deaths of babies in Zanzibar through specific training, capacity building in healthcare management and equipping facilities
  • Empowering people to get back on their own feet and earn an income in Pakistan through restoring sight in our cataract clinic programme
  • Enabling communities to live with dignity through providing access to affordable treatments and funding infrastructure projects in some of the poorest communities including the Imam Al-Hujjah Hospital in Karbala, Iraq

Latest Healthcare Updates