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The month of sorrow and sadness is upon us once again. As we mourn these days of grief, let us reflect on the profound sacrifices made by Imam Hussain (AS) and his family members and companions. We remember the thirst he suffered, and the grief endured by the widows and orphans that were left behind after immeasurable suffering.

In honour of their enduring spirit and resilience, let us channel our sorrow into compassionate action. Today, we can make a meaningful difference by pledging to alleviate the suffering of those around us. Let us strive to quench the thirst of every thirsty soul and support the widows and orphans that are left with no help. Through our collective efforts, we can transform our grief into a powerful force for good, ensuring that the legacy of our Holy Imam and the sacrifices of the past inspire hope and relief in the present.


Explore stories of positive change fuelled by your support. Your compassion is the driving force behind transformative experiences.


Through your generosity, we're supporting over 1,200 orphaned children and widowed mothers in Iraq, Tanzania, and Yemen. We're focused on transforming lives through education, and healthcare.


Across our six key areas, over the next ten years, we will support one million mothers, their families, and communities to improve physical and mental health, access fair education, and create sustainable incomes.


This Muharram LFT are working in collaboration with the watermelon shopper bag for life to raise funds and awareness for Gaza, Palestine. 

The bag has been designed and produced to raise awareness, inspire conversations and show solidarity as you shop for Palestine.

For every £10 donated to the LFT Gaza appeal, a bag will be gifted and all donations are being doubled by a private trust too.