A Woman dies during pregnancy or childbirth every two minutes

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The Lady Fatemah Trust are passionate about improving the quality of care that Mothers and babies receive. We’ve worked with our ground partners to renovate maternity wards, introduce the Kangaroo Mothercare technique for low-weight babies, trained birth attendants, and introduced c-sections to hospitals that previously couldn’t offer them. All of these have saved so many precious lives.

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Your Support Will: Enable every woman to access the services of a healthcare professional who can provide respectful and dignified care throughout her pregnancy and delivery. Ensure that proven tools and life-saving interventions reach the mothers and babies who are in critical need. Provide expectant mothers with the support of skilled health professionals, including doctors, nurses, or midwives, during their delivery, regardless of whether it takes place in a hospital, a healthcare facility, or at home.


Shadidas Safe Delivery

Shadida has just had a little girl in Makunduchi Hospital. She has come all the way from Bwejuu which is about 23 kms away. She decided to come all the way to Makunduchi because she loves the service that is provided in Makunduchi. She says she was able to get everything she needed and the clinicians, besides being well-trained were also very kind, respectful and helpful. Lady Fatemah Trust supplied important equipment and training both in Makunduchi and the outlying facilities where Shadida had her pre-natal clinics. This made it possible for Shadida, and others that may be high risk with high blood pressure or diabetes in pregnancy to ensure they are identified early and supported throughout their pregnancies to deliver confidently and make sure both mama and baby make it home safely.