Basima’s journey with MOM

Basima’s journey with MOM

“I love all that life has to offer, I love creating something out of nothing and I so wish more mothers would find out about what MOM offers.”

Overcoming the tragedies in her life, Basima Mohammad, decided to face the  worst that anyone can endure for the sake of her 6 children. It was not easy to hear that the love of her life passed away from terminal cancer. He was a devoted father, a hard worker and the sole provider for the family of 11, including extended family.

After this devastating loss, Bassima found herself alone. She had her own wounds to heal and that of her broken children. She saw in their eyes the loss of hope after the death of their father and that’s when she made the choice to stand strong. To be their light. To create a whole new life for them, to spark life again in their souls. However, that does not come without a cost to her health. She fell ill and suffered from chronic hypertension in addition to other aches in her body that she suffers from on a daily basis. After relying on her husband for the most miniscule of matters, she now has to attend to all the needs of her 6 children, as 4 of them are still in school and the eldest two are of marriage age. All of them need her for emotional and financial support, especially her daughters who deeply miss their father and the impactful presence he’s had in their lives.

After discovering the MOM project, she now sees life in a whole different light. She’s expressed on several occasions that the positive environment at MOM had tremendously impacted her mental wellbeing. She feels like she has been given a second chance at life. After MOM’s free two month training program, she is excited to join the production unit and further develop her skills.

After witnessing the positive impact MOM had on Bassima’s life, her family and friends now support her even more to pursue her dream in designing and stitching evening gowns. Her passion is beyond admirable. She loves life and loves creativity. She even wishes her own daughters would learn how to stitch and become independent women in the community. It was evident that through empowering Bassima, we are in turn empowering her daughters and even the generations to come. She hopes that through MOM more mothers receive the same opportunity and truly become agents of positive change within their families.