Eid Garments for Orphans made by MOMs

Eid Garments for Orphans made by MOMs

LFT Kabul Afghanistan 🇦🇫- Eid al Adha – over 700 orphaned boys and girls smile from ear to ear as they receive new garments for Eid in traditional Hazara fashion designs sewn by the widowed mothers at MOM in Kabul.

Their families will also receive the Qurbani meat as sacrificed on Eid Al Adha so they can enjoy a meal with their family in times of such hardship.

At the LFT your assistance is not only there for religious commemoration but transforms lives sustainably all year round.

From the provision of safe drinking water, education, mothernomics centres, mental health well-being and maternal and child healthcare all your support goes to transform lives each day of the year.

A big thank you from us and from each of the widow headed families in Dashte Barchi in Kabul – we pray you have a lovely day of Eid with your family.