LFT’s education support – Roqaia’s Story

LFT’s education support – Roqaia’s Story

LFT’s education support for vulnerable children in Afghanistan.

Meet Roqaia, an eleven-year-old studying under the LFT’s educational programme for vulnerable children.

She has an outstanding performance in her class, securing the top position and winning prizes in many extracurricular activities, such as the Mathematical Olympiad competition.

Her father tearfully explains, “I work as a shoe polisher on the streets, trying very hard to earn some money for my family’s livelihood, but yet I couldn’t afford to meet their necessities such as food, health care, and clothing. Just last Ramadan, we were hungry for three days, we had nothing to eat for fasting. We were helpless and went out to beg on the streets. Later on, we received an Iftari food parcel from LFT which healed our hunger and relieved our insecurity. Thanks to them, we were able to break our fast with hope and dignity during the whole month of Ramadan. We live in a rental house, paying 2000 Afghanis for a single room. The burden of affording living necessities in such a difficult time is challenging, especially for me, an old and sick man who cannot afford to take care of his health. My eyes are not seeing properly, and besides my weakness, I have lots of debts to pay as I borrowed money to buy food and medicines. Despite these difficulties, I have to stand up for my family and try to meet their needs as much as possible.

Thanks a lot to LFT who are supporting my little daughter to access quality education. This support was beyond my ability, and I am heartfully grateful for that.”

Roqaia is an enthusiastic, hopeful, and dedicated girl who believes that education can make this world a better and more peaceful place to live. She tries her best to excel in both her academic and extracurricular activities.

She explains, “Education is the only door that can guarantee the effectiveness of living. It opens the doors of opportunities for everyone to explore the beauty of this world and life. I wholeheartedly thank and appreciate LFT for enabling me to attend school, access quality education, and envision a better future for myself, my family, and my community. The school environment helps me to clear my mind and overcome the challenges my family faces, giving me the energy to focus on my studies and dream of a peaceful and successful future. My teachers are also instrumental in helping me and my classmates plan and aspire to become influential people in our community. LFT’s support is a miracle for me and many other vulnerable children. Without LFT, we wouldn’t be able to afford to attend school due to our families’ financial difficulties, and we would likely be forced to work or beg for food on the streets. LFT has made it possible to change my future for the better effectively and efficiently, and I am incredibly grateful for LFT’s support”.

Roqaia’s family encourages her to study hard and create a better future. They give her gifts whenever she wins a competition or does any good deeds. In addition to her education, she also attends art classes to learn painting and has been improving her painting skills too.

Roqaia was asked what she wants to become in the future. She responded, “I want to become a teacher because my teachers have been very kind and helpful to me and my classmates. Furthermore, I believe that a teacher is the most influential person who can change and influence people’s minds. I want to bring goodness and hope to the minds of people, especially those who are helpless in the community”.

Roqaia wishes that such support may continue to help them in their further studies in the future. She adds that “I am wholeheartedly grateful for such overwhelming support, and I hope this support may continue further to help more girls to access education as the girls are more likely the victims of deprivation, exclusion and ineptitude in Afghanistan. Thanks a lot to the LFT and everyone who is supporting us through this programme. May Allah, Almighty grant you happiness, success and greater wealth”.