Zohra’s Educational journey through the LFT’s educational programme scheme

Zohra’s Educational journey through the LFT’s educational programme scheme

Kabul, Afghanistan – The exciting educational journey of vulnerable children through the LFT’s educational programme scheme.

Meet Zohra and her widowed mother. She is a brilliant third-grade student who is part of the LFT’s educational program for vulnerable children.

She lives with her mother, elder sister and brother in a rental house for which they pay 1500 Afghanis/$21.80 per month.

Zohra’s mother used to work as a cleaner for an international NGO, but she lost her job when the Taliban collapsed the government.

Zohra’s brother now works in a haircut shop, earning 100 Afghanis/$1.3 per day. The family is facing extreme financial difficulties, especially because Zohra’s elder sister is suffering from neurological problems, for which they spend around 4,000 Afghanis per month on medicine.

Despite all these challenges, they are encouraging Zohra to focus on her studies, and she is doing her best to excel in her class. Zohra’s academic and disciplinary performances are outstanding, and she consistently secures the top position in her class.

Zohra gratefully explains, _”I love going to school. Every morning, it gives me the energy to wake up early, brush my teeth, prepare my books, and step out for school._

_The school environment is very energetic, and the behavior of my teachers and classmates is so kind and caring, which motivates me to attend every class and enjoy the class timing._

I study hard to accomplish a better life through education because I believe that education is the key to every success. Without proper education and instruction, no one is able to explore the opportunities that come around in our lives.”

_She has an outstanding academic performance in her class. Furthermore, she is very well-disciplined and suave-mannered. She is caring for her hygiene, appearance, and her behavior towards others._

Her mother says, “Ever since my daughter enrolled in school, she has shown remarkable improvement in her overall characteristics, her personal development has been wonderful. Over the past three consecutive academic years, she has consistently excelled as the top student in her class, demonstrating a commendable focus on her studies. Her disciplined approach and caring demeanor are evident in her academic pursuits and her willingness to assist with household tasks and complete her assignments diligently. I attribute her outstanding personal and interpersonal growth to the unwavering support and compassion she has received from LFT, thanks to you have extending a helping hand to her and other children in similar circumstances. I am sincerely grateful to LFT and everyone for their humanitarian support and care. May Allah, the Almighty, reward each of you with peace, glory, and Jannah”.

Zohra poignantly describes this supportive program as the embodiment of their aspirations, potential, and determination to transcend adversity and propel their educational advancement, thereby envisioning a brighter future for themselves and their community.

She expressed, “I hope that this support will continue to assist us in our future endeavours. Without this assistance, we will not be able to continue our education. Even though the school management is helping us, but without the support of LFT, we will be completely helpless.

This supporting programme is our only hope, and it fuels our desire to overcome deprivation and progress in our education to create a better future for ourselves and our community. I am very grateful to LFT and those who support us during this challenging time.”