Mothernomics – Karbala Iraq – The training program

Mothernomics – Karbala Iraq – The training program

Mothernomics – Karbala Iraq – The twelfth round of training sessions began on Saturday, April 20, 2024.

Our cohort of 12 trainees come from all walks of life, including widowed mothers, single mothers, and of lower income families.

The training sessions that last 10 weeks are led by the LFT’s Umm Fahd and under the supervision of Umm Sajjad.

The training program was implemented, divided according to workstreams, starting with understanding the operation of the sewing machine and other required machinery in the production of garments.

They then learned how to properly measure for different models of all sizes. Two pieces are being stitched every week now and even increased to more upon request from the trainee mothers who are so eager and passionate to learn. We have also added teaching the sewing of the abaaya and the chador.

The training program is followed up daily with the mental health leads. Discussions regarding the trainee’s personal development, persistence and preservance are further held on a regular basis.

On Labor Day was on 01/05/2024 and on this day the trainee mothers joined our working mothers on a beautiful art therapy session that involved painting, Play-Doh and a mini presentation on the importance of working mothers and the value they add to their communities.

The trainees’ performance is reviewed regularly, for their final assessment to be submitted to the Mental Health Department and the MOM LFT Administration for final approval to join the working mothers in the production department when they complete the course. With the graduation of these mothers over 250 mothers will have trained in Karbala, many of whom remain in production at MOM and some having chosen to work from home.

We are very pleased with how the training program has evolved over the years and only wish to enhance it further. We wish to see these mothers empower themselves and enlighten their lives through the LFT MOM project.

We are extremely proud of all the mothers who come every day and choose to simply be the best version they can possibly be!