LFT mental health programs

LFT mental health programs

Salaamun Alaikum and Jumuah Mubarak

Over the past few years our dedicated teams of mental health first aid trainers have been delivering culturally and linguistically sensitive training material to communities worldwide. From the widowed mothers in Karbala, the partially hearing and deaf students in Pakistan ans Gaza as well as expectant and nursing mothers and wider communities in east Africa.

Each day at schools colleges hospitals and places of worship as well as on radio and TV stations and soon to be added social media platforms material from the LFT training curriculum is put to use to heal mothers, children, the sick and elderly.

Our latest mental health well-being training will start in May in Gaza to ensure the communities are supported with trauma healing and self care through the most terrifying experiences a human being can experience.

Thank you for your continued support to enable this work to carry on.