LFT helps innocent victims of Gaza

LFT helps innocent victims of Gaza

LFT Gaza – thanks to your relentless generosity and support of we have been able to meet some of the most critical and basic needs of the innocent victims of the genocide in Gaza.

From lifesaving medications to treat 25,000 patients across four hospital and clinics across the North and Middle regions of the Gaza Strip to Ramadhan cooked meals for iftaar supporting 10,000 people in Rafah.

The ongoing need is tremendous and with reliable ground partners we are able to meet these in an effective manner.

During this current crisis the AlAwda hospital is taking the lead on the obstetric services in the Middle Area. The MOH has suspended all the obstetric services at Al Aqsa hospital and they are now referring all delivery cases to AlAwda hospital in Nussierat Camp.

Since October until the end of January 2024, they manged 3,052 normal deliveries, 991 caesarean sections and 364 surgical genecology in their hospital in Nussierat.

While their hospital in the north managed 2,355 in total, of them 1,126 normal deliveries, 190 CS and 54 Genecology and 985 general surgeries.

Our ground partners are procuring the requested list of supplies and your generosity in this Holy Month to support this critical need is highly encouraged.