Ramadhan 1445 – World Water Day

Ramadhan 1445 – World Water Day

Across the world every day over 800,000,000 mothers and children walk over two kilometers to fetch water.

Often it’s from impure sources as you can see on this clip from Lushoto near Tanga in the northern province of Tanzania.

At the LFT the water projects you have supported so far serve over 1,750,000 million people each day.

In addition for the most largest annual pilgrimage over Arbaeen the patrons of the LFT continue to have 15,000,000 cups of fresh water available each day in and around the shrines of Karbala and Najaf.

LFT donors continue to provide safe drinking water in Afghanistan Kenya Pakistan Tanzania and Yemen purifying water using solar energy.

As you feel the thirst of fasting, let’s help communities worldwide access safe drinking water each day of the year.

Go on make a splash and let millions of others drink safe water.