LFT – Banu’s Story

LFT – Banu’s Story

LFT Dasht-e-Barchi Kabul, Afghanistan

Meet Banu a 62-year-old grandmother of three young girls whose daughter died due to a mysterious illness 14 years ago.

Banu found herself shouldering the responsibility of caring for her granddaughters, Layeqa, Laila, and Marzia.

Abandoned by their father, who callously remarried and left them to fend for themselves. They are originally from the Behsood district of Maidan Wardak province, they now reside in the impoverished Koh-e-Chihil Dokkhtaran area of Dasht-e-Barchi, alongside numerous displaced families from central Afghanistan.

Banu gloomily explains that “the heartbreaking memory of my daughter passing due to a complicated illness lingers in my mind for 14 years. The lack of timely medical care in their remote location led to the devastating loss, leaving my youngest granddaughter, Marzia, motherless at just 9 months old. Their father’s abandonment 2 years later, left them in a vulnerable position. Since then I have catered for them and raised them with dozens of difficulties. We moved to Kabul six years ago driven by the harsh reality of our circumstances in the village. Usually, we are unable to cover our basic food needs, let alone healthcare, clothing, and personal essentials. The lack of proper nutrition and warmth during the harsh winter months added to our struggles. Unfortunately, I am suffering from bone pains, my legs are not working properly, and my eyes are weakling every day”.

Despite the daily struggle to make ends meet, Banu’s love and dedication have remained steadfast. Fortunately, they have benefited from LFT’s Eftari food contribution for vulnerable people and received an essential food package which comprises a variety of nutritious items, not only sustaining them during Ramadan but also easing the burden of securing proper food, allowing them to address other pressing needs.

This assistance has provided a lifeline for Banu and her granddaughters, offering them sustenance, hope, and a sense of security during challenging times.
Banu gratefully adds “This package is a savior for us. The items are essential and nutritionally balanced which will help us a lot during the holy month of Ramadhan. May Allah, the Almighty help you (LFT) and everyone who helped us during such a challenging time. God may grant you much more wealth, success and happiness for the sake of the holy month of Ramadhan. It has helped me and my granddaughters not only as food but as a hope and endearment. As the (Persian) new year is about to come, I was really worried about how I could afford to provide new clothes at least for my daughters because we were stuck to provide Eftari food.

This support has strengthened me and my daughters. I heartfully appreciate and thank LFT for such overwhelming support in such a challenging time of need and vulnerability. Thank you so much”.

Banu’s gratitude towards LFT is profound, as she expresses heartfelt appreciation for the overwhelming support received. The provision of essential food items has not only alleviated their immediate food insecurity but has also enabled them to consider new clothes for the upcoming new year, a need they had long foregone in the face of financial constraints. Banu’s words of thanks and prayers for continued blessings reflect the impact of this support on their lives and the deep sense of gratitude that fills their hearts.