International Women’s Day transform lives with LFT

International Women’s Day transform lives with LFT

On this last Friday in Shabaan please do not miss out on the opportunity to earn the greatest reward from Sadaqah as we prepare to enter the Holy Month of Ramadhan.

Whether you chose to dedicate it to your Mother for Mothering Sunday or your wife, sister, daughter or granddaughter on International Women’s’ Day, the LFT has a range of projects to transform lives today and each day of the year.

From children experiencing the hardship of growing up without a father in Afghanistan to deaf children in Gaza Karbala and Pakistan, from the millions of pilgrims who frequent the shrines in Karbala and Najaf to serving mothers around the world who walk great distances to fetch water Let’s work together to transform lives through mothernomics, maternal health and mental health well-being.

May Allah bless you and your loved ones this Jumuah and each day of the month to come