LFT Ramadhan Iftaar – Feroza’s Story

LFT Ramadhan Iftaar – Feroza’s Story

Meet Feroza, a 40-year-old mother of four. Feroza lives in the Khair Abad area of Dasht-e-Barchi where we met her and she bravely shared her story.

“My husband was a drug addict who was unable to work and provide for us. Instead, he forced me and my children to work, beg, and earn money to feed his addiction. At the time, my eldest daughter was only 6 years old, while my son was 8. They were forced to work as child laborers and beggars on the streets to fund their father’s drug habit. Fortunately, although he left us three years ago, his addiction has left us in dire financial straits. We have experienced an extremely miserable life and for me and my children this has felt like a continuous nightmare”.

It was 2020 when Feroza’s husband left. They don’t know if he is still alive. Feroza has not searched for her husband – this is a heavy burden but she knows they are better off without the pain and suffering he brought.

Today, Feroza lives with her four children, the eldest is 11. To this day, they endure extreme economic and financial challenges.

Despite Feroza’s relentless efforts to provide for her family by working odd jobs like cleaning houses, washing peoples’ clothes and begging on the streets, the financial challenges have been overwhelming. With no means to secure regular meals, Feroza and her children often go hungry and without food.

The harsh reality of their situation is exacerbated by the lack of other basic necessities including warm clothes and fuel to keep their house warm, especially during the winter months.

Feroza told us “Sometimes I receive occasional food items from other foundations, but as such programmes are only once once in a while, most of the time my children are left without food. No matter how hard I try, still I cannot provide food on the table and they starve.

I have nothing to warm my home, my children are freezing from the winter coldness. I cannot afford to buy fuel and food”.

On the 22nd February, the LFT’s Eftari food programme for vulnerable families begun helping Feroza and her children.

The essential food package they received, included rice, cooking oil, fresh milk, fresh dates, dry tea, sugar, jam, cheese, beans, peas and dried milk. Feroza told us that this has been a lifeline.

“The package that I received from LFT’s local team is a savior for me and my children. We have not have access to proper balanced food for so long and this package will help us with all the essentials. I wholeheartedly thank and appreciate the LFT and everyone who extended their helping hand atsuch a difficult time for us. These food items will help me a lot in fasting days of the holy month of Ramadan and I pray from bottom of my heart that Allah, the almighty will grant you much more wealth, success and happiness. Thank you so much”.