Effectiveness of LFT’s Eftari food contribution programme for vulnerable families in Afghanistan

Effectiveness of LFT’s Eftari food contribution programme for vulnerable families in Afghanistan

Fatima, a 70-year-old is the mother of two disabled siblings. She is originally from Punjab district of Bamyan, now reside in the Khair Abad area of Dasht-e-Barchi where hundreds of displaced, impoverished and marginalized and most undeserved people from across the central provinces of Afghanistan have settled for living. Fatima tearfully explains “my husband has died long time ago, my son was catering for me and my daughter, he was sewing carpets and our life was going normally, but the dark side of life has turned its face on us, since my son has lost his legs movement due to some nerve problems, he is lying on bed and cannot move since 15 years. Due to our financial difficulties, I couldn’t treat him and now he is totally disabled and both his legs are not working at all. Although my daughter was infected by COVID-19 virus four years ago on 2019, and she also lost her senses, as of now she is also enduring extreme nervous and psychological challenges. I referred her to doctor but the cost of curing her illness is beyond my ability and I cannot afford even a onetime treatment, though she needs multiple times of hospitalization.”

Qasem the only son of Fatima was sewing carpets for the wholesalers, because of siting down for years and physical inactivity, his nerves were deactivated and he has lost his legs’ movements, 12 years ago, when he was only 23 years old. Sine than his mother catered for their livelihoods. Sakina the daughter of Fatima was helping her mother to meet their livelihood needs, but their misfortune has hit their lack and Sakina was infected by COVID-19 virus.

Fatima further adds that “when my daughter was well, we both were working in the farms, causally for the people’s houses, but when she was infected by the virus, all the challenges and difficulties has doubled. Since four years ago she is suffering from severe mental and nerve problems and I am helpless to cater for their basic needs. I try very hard to find any job to earn a little money and provide them food but it is impossible in current situation, neither I can leave them alone at home, nor I can take them out. We are out of reach of food most of the time, sometime my neighbor helps me with some dry bread and anything that they could afford additionally, but as the financial situation is hard for everyone here, they cannot help us further and we just starve along with my son and daughter health issues. Fortunately, somedays ago, the local team of LFT has found us through their survey, and today they have helped with an essential food package which will help us through the holy month of Ramadan. This package is a savior for me, my sick daughter and my disabled son, it is really a healing support that will save us from severe hunger and poverty at least for the month of Ramadan”.

In continuation of LFT’s philanthropic assistance for vulnerable people in Afghanistan, the local team has distributed an essential food package for 100 families across Dasht-e-Barchi, as Eftari food contribution programme for impoverished people on 20th February 2024. As Ramadan is indeed a time for reflection, prayer, and compassion towards others, simultaneously the poignant situation of Fatima and her disabled children highlights the harsh realities faced by many vulnerable individuals in Afghanistan. LFT has taken a further step towards helping these vulnerable people to reflect on the spirit of Ramadan, and highlighting the importance of empathy and generosity towards those in need. The distributed food package includes 10 kgs of rice, 5 liters of cooking oil, two bottle of fresh milk, 6 box of fresh dates, 2 kgs of dry tea, 1 kg of sugar, 4 bottle of Jam, 10 can of cheese, 3 kgs of beans, 3 kgs of peas 1 kg of dry milk.

Fatima’s family has been plagued by illness and financial hardship, leaving them in a desperate situation. The generous support provided by LFT is a beacon of hope for families like Fatima’s, offering a lifeline during their darkest times.

Fatima, wholeheartedly thank and appreciate LFT for their overwhelming support for vulnerable people. She adds that “during the holy month of Ramadan I pray from bottom of my heart that Allah the Almighty, may bless you more and gives you greater wealth as you are holding the needed hand of most helpless people.”