Bibi Hawa’s journey with MOM

Bibi Hawa’s journey with MOM

LFT Kabul Afghanistan – Meet Bibi Hawa, a widowed mother of two children who are studying in school. Her elder son is 11 and her younger son is 9 years old.

She grievingly explained, ”My husband died 7 years ago, I had to take care of my children alone because my father died before my husband, there was no one to look after me and help me to take care of my children. Among all the difficulties of living, taking care of my old and sick mother with my children is the most difficult challenge that I endured in this life. Economic hardship and employment opportunities are normally challenging issues in Afghanistan but for me, as an illiterate woman who is responsible for taking care of two children, an old mother, and other livelihood necessities is a great obstacle that seems impossible but I had no other alternative, I was supposed to take care of them and still I am struggling to feed them and help them to get educated and fulfil their dreams of having a better future.

Before joining Mothernomics, I was sewing ordinary clothes for children and women in my home,
and usually, I used to clean other’s houses and wash their clothes to earn my livelihood. The bitterness of living in such conditions made me depressed.”

After joining Mothernomics, Bibi Hawa received training in various skills such as sewing, embroidery, measuring and literacy classes that enabled her to provide for her children and her mother, and she is determined to give them a better future.

Her journey is a testament to the strength and resilience of women who overcome adversity, and create a better life for themselves and their families.

She gratefully adds “My journey in Mothernomics deeply influenced my life personally and professionally. I acquired my esteemed professional skills from basic to advanced which enabled me to sew designed garments,

Furthermore, during three months of my training, I received an incentive amount to pay my bills and take care of my children’s expenses which helped me to ease my financial difficulties, as well as
I beneficiated from mental well being trainings and more importantly the literacy classes has helped me profoundly to understand the basic words and numbers which are essential for tailoring specifically in measuring the garments.

Now I am a skilled and professional tailor who stands optimistic and challenge the difficulties of life. I work hard, earn money and meet all my livelihood necessities properly.

Thanks to LFT for such a crucial empowering project. However, the LFT has tasked us (the MOMs) to sew cozy coats for vulnerable children and they provided us an incentive amount of $75, which helped me and my colleagues to balance our livelihoods.

I use my use all my earning to pay my bills, rent, my children’s education fees, food and groceries and sometime save for my future needs and urgency.

Generally, the Mothernomics project, has overwhelmingly transformed my life from a depressed situation to one of glory
and cordiality with hopefulness.

This empowering programme has allowed me to maintain a secure living arrangement for myself and my children”

Thanks to LFT for this essential support and caring project.

“I am heartfully grateful to LFT and appreciate their care and support for mothers like me. This is a rewarded project and I pray that Allah, the Almighty may reward them with greater wealth and happiness as they did to me and many more”.