LFT educate2empower Kabul – Rahima’s Story

LFT educate2empower Kabul – Rahima’s Story

LFT educate2empower Kabul – The educational support offered to children from impoverished households by LFT has transformed education attainment, as evidenced by the excellent
performance of the children who secured the first class honours, winning prizes in extracurricular
activities and the successful development of children who have transitioned from preschool learning to regular classes and successfully completed their first grade. This attainment was from a background of exclusion from schools during Covid and for a long period after the Taliban took control of the country.

One such successful student is Rahim, who secured the first class achievement in all her academics
performances and recently she won the first prize of mathematical star competition which was held
between all private schools of Dasht-e-Barchi on 12th October 2023.

Rahima, a fifth-grade student supported by LFT, is a brilliant student who has consistently ranked first in her class.

She has improved her curricular and extracurricular activities remarkably by seizing the opportunity provided to

Rahima, with tears in her eyes, shared her story,

“We are a family of nine. My father works as a shepherd, and my mother is a housewife. Due to our financial struggles, my two brothers couldn’t attend school despite being intelligent. I, too, was unable to attend school, but fortunately, one of our neighbours introduced me to LFT’s team.

They enrolled me at Awrang Primary School, where I found new hope for continuing my education despite our financial difficulties.”

Rahima is an exceptional girl with a bright future ahead of her. She has won a first prize “statue award” from the mathematic Olympiad which was held on 12th October 2023 among 54 schools with 3600 students.

She adds that “I am very happy to come to school every day. The school environment gives me energy and hope, despite the problems in my home, and country.

All my success and achievements are intertwined with Lady Fatemah’s name and I will always remember their kindness and support. If it was not because of their support, I may not access education and achieve my dreams. I am wholeheartedly grateful to LFT forever”.

She worries that due to the Taliban restricted policy, when she completed her sixth grade, she might not be able to attend school in the future. She hopes and prays that all children, especially girls, will be free from restriction and deprivation”.

Rahima’s mother gratefully indicated that “thanks to LFT for such unwavering support, if it was not for LFT’s support, Rahima was not able to attend the school like her brothers. My sons were going to a private school, but lately, because of our financial problems, we couldn’t afford the fees and expenses, and they were deprived of school.

Thankfully with LFT’s support, Rahima is her class topper from first till now, all her teachers encourage her to focus on her education and she will have a bright future.

LFT is the success element for Rahima, we couldn’t help her at all, however, we tried a lot, but there is no way for illiterate parents to provide more than food to their children”.

The overwhelming success story of Rahima indicates the power and importance of education in life and
the importance of supporting the least fortunate children to access quality education. LFT is committed to supporting vulnerable children like Rahima to help them follow and pursue their dreams through education.

Rahima wholeheartedly appreciates the LFT’s support for vulnerable children like her and
wishes that such an initiative may continue to support more children who have the potential to predict
and enlighten their future but do not have the opportunity to access education.