LFT’s MOMs – Momina’s Story

LFT’s MOMs – Momina’s Story

Meet Momina a widowed mother of two children who is a remarkable Mothernomics participant who started with humble beginning and has now applied her skills for excellent stitching skills.

She explains “I got married in 2010, and as a result of this marriage, I have two sons, 11 and 9 years old.

Her husband worked away from home and spent years away from home confronted with war and strife.

This turned him into a narcotic drug addict in which he had been fired from his job, and he couldn’t even support us but was a burden to us, he used to sell their home utensils to buy drugs and sometimes, when his addicted friends were coming home, he was throwing us out of the home so he could enjoy using the drug with his friends, and in his last days he even sent his family to streets to beg and buy him drugs, and finally he passed away last year.

”We were financially unable to arrange a funeral ceremony for him. After my husband passed away, my father-in-law threw us out of his house and we experienced a miserable life”.

Before joining the Mothernomic project, Momina’s children were collecting obsolete scrap metal and selling them to provide food for themselves. They were not attending school due to their financial instability. But as there was no alternative, Momina tolerated all the difficulties to keep her children alive. She was stitching hand-crafted garments, washing other people’s clothes and cleaning their houses, and, most cruelly, begging on the streets with her children since there was no other way to provide food for themselves.
Momina gratefully states;

“Hopefully, through the Mothernomic programme, I have enhanced my tailoring abilities and have a reliable source of income to feed my children and provide them their livelihood needs without struggling on the streets relying on people’s houses. During the training term, I received a monthly incentive of 4500 Afghani, which helped me immensely. I was able to pay the rent, bills, children’s school expenditures, and buy food regularly.

The training not only honed my tailoring capabilities but also opened doors for us to generate income by sewing various clothes for our customers in the market. Recently, we were tasked to sew cozy coats for vulnerable children, and as a result, we are now receiving a monthly incentive that helps us cater for our children and livelihoods more effectively. I am deeply thankful for offering this invaluable opportunity to enhance our tailoring skills and providing the necessary incentives. Now, I can adequately provide food, meet bills and rent obligations, and cover my children’s education and clothing expenses.

The Mothernomics project has played a pivotal role in our economic empowerment and stability, serving as a lifeline for me and my fellow colleagues”.

Thanks to LFT, I am wholeheartedly grateful to them for supporting me and many other mothers to cater to their families and live a more stable and secure life by finding an independent source of living. I wish them well and prosperity, Allah, The Almighty, bless you all.