LFT Kabul – Tahera’s Story

LFT Kabul – Tahera’s Story

LFT in Dashte Barchi, Kabul – meet Tahera, a resilient mother of a 6 years old girl, resides in the Khair Abad area of Dasht-e-Barchi, where she has been enduring extreme financial difficulties and economic hardships.

Her poignant narrative sheds light on the sufferings and challenges she faces every day as she strives to provide for her child. Tahera explains “Seven years ago, I lost my husband in a tragic incident as he fell victim to a bomb blast attack by the Taliban. Since then, I have been left to shoulder the responsibilities of raising my daughter, aged 6 years old, all on my own.

Tahera gratefully adds that:

“Thanks to LFT who assist the most in need and vulnerable people. The coats which are provided for my daughter is beyond my ability. If it was not for LFT, my daughter’s need for this cozy coats have remained unmet and she may suffer more in the cold weather of winter. For me, as a single mother struggling to make ends meet, the winter season brought with it a sense of separation.

However, the support from LFT has provided a glimmer of hope and comfort during these harsh times.

With their assistance, my daughter can now face the winter with a little more warmth and security”.