Zanzibar LFT Mental Health

Zanzibar LFT Mental Health

Zanzibar LFT Ramadhan 1446 – with over 57 mental health first aid trainers ready to increase the work of healing the most vulnerable mothers children youth and those addicted to substance abuse we aim to reach 5,000 people in person each month plus radio and TV sessions in the islands.

Integral to this is Registered Nutritionist Sukaina AbdulHussain’s advice to the trainers on a nutritious Ramadhan Iftaar and Suhoor for forming lifelong habits.

The work will enhance with training teachers to reach malnourished students through UNICEF and the Aga Khan Foundation’s reach of hospitals and outreach clinics so we expand the network to those who need it the most.

Please do continue to support the work of the LFT on all areas of holistic transformation.