Effectiveness of mental health training for MOMS

Effectiveness of mental health training for MOMS

Effectiveness of mental health training for affected mothers in the Mothernomic project.

As part of LFT’s ongoing support to assist vulnerable mothers in Afghanistan, the mental health support programme is focused on providing mental health and well-being training to the affected mothers in the MOMS workshop. This initiative has brought positivity and hope into the lives of numerous mothers who were previously struggling to balance their emotional and mental well-being due to the difficulties that they endured. The mental health training has been instrumental in enhancing the mothers’ mental well-being and emotional stability, which is vital for their overall improvement of life skills. Through this programme, mothers are empowered emotionally to cope with their stressful situations and destructive thoughts which are held from their past, and equipped with valuable skills and techniques that are essential for their personal and professional growth.

Shegofa, a mother of five children (three sons and two girls), is an outstanding participant in the Mothernomic project, which has received mental health training support. She had experienced significant challenges in her previous life, and before joining the Mothernomic, she was in a critical stage of depression in which she had lost interest in being sociable, preferred to remain alone at home, and never spoke with anybody. She explains that “Two years ago, when the Taliban entered Kabul, my husband was hospitalized in a military hospital due to an injury he sustained during a fight against the Taliban, The Taliban murdered him in the hospital and stole his paperwork, bank cards, and phone. They (the Taliban) contacted me from my husband’s phone number and demanded that I hand over any military weapons and equipment that he had while in his service. Because of his loss and fear of the Taliban, I was terrified and completely miserable; every day was spent juggling my children’s demands, livelihoods, and his permanent absence. The despair engulfed me more and more, till I resolved to harm myself since I couldn’t live with such challenges. When I was extremely sad, I set fire to the kitchen in order to destroy the home and myself, but the neighbors came and saved me; the scorched effects are still visible in the kitchen.”

Shegofa has faced several hardships that have driven her to melancholy and devastation. Furthermore, despite her depression, she worked extremely tirelessly to care for her children and meet their livelihood needs. Before joining Mothernomic, she worked as a housekeeper cleaning other people’s houses and washing their clothes to help support and feed her children. After joining Mothernomic, she developed her abilities and discovered optimism in overcoming her challenges. Individual and group mental health training sessions were held with her by the mental health trainees. She has improved her emotional well-being as a result of the frequent training sessions, and she now has the capacity and hope to overcome the problems and struggles.

She further adds “Since joining Mothernomic, my life has transformed from being miserable to one of hope, interest, and desires. I learned several crucial methods to relieve stress after attending the mental well-being training, such as deep breathing techniques. Furthermore, because of practicing such techniques in a safe place, I am encouraged to communicate honestly with people, which allows me to release my negative ideas and instead gain some peace of mind. The exercise also assisted me in improving my mental stability and focusing on future goals”.

Shegofa wholeheartedly appreciates and thanks LFT for introducing such essential programmes to assist and support vulnerable moms in managing their difficulties and stabilizing their minds in order to predict their future while focusing on producing positive contact with others and society.