🤲 Emergency Aid for Gaza: Rebuilding Hope, Restoring Lives 🤲

🤲 Emergency Aid for Gaza: Rebuilding Hope, Restoring Lives 🤲

Salaamun Alaikum

With the resumption of active bombardment of civilian areas in the Gaza Strip the critical need for support and assistance is now even more urgent than it ever has been. During the truce the first convoy of nine trucks from our partners ensured that four hospitals in southern Gaza, delivering urgently needed aid that encompasses a diverse range of drugs and essential medical supplies.

This includes critical items such as antibiotics, ultrasound gel, intravenous paracetamol, and saline bags; essential components for treating dehydration, wound irrigation and medication administration.

The LFT’s ground partners now have have a another two convoy of trucks, one currently awaiting clearance at Rafah to enter Gaza, another en-route to the crossing.

We also have trucks carrying food supplies that will be arriving in the city of Ismailia in the next few days, before their onward journey to Gaza.

The LFT partners are one of the initial NGOs to facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza via Rafah, marking the latest phase of our emergency response.

Simultaneously, our partners have finalised the final stages of compiling a lists of surge specialists volunteers available for deployment in Gaza.

This pool of specialists encompasses a diverse range of critical skills, including trauma care for conflict-related injuries, limb reconstruction for severe cases, pain management to alleviate suffering, and public health and communicable disease specialists.

These specialised services are crucial in providing comprehensive care to those in need.

Once we have secured access and the
necessary permissions, our dedicated teams are poised to mobilise these professionals swiftly, addressing the urgent healthcare needs in the region.


Your continued and urgent support is requested: