LFT Yemen – Ali’s Story

LFT Yemen – Ali’s Story

LFT Yemen – from displacement to a dignity – Ali Al-Mehdhar, a Yemeni man, embarked on a challenging journey in pursuit of a life of dignity.

Ali, a fifty-four-year-old Yemeni man hailing from Shabwa, Yemen, is a devoted father of two. His life took a distressing turn with the onset of the war in Yemen in 2015.

Ali, like many others, became a victim of the conflict, enduring the loss of numerous cherished possessions and grappling with the hardships that plagued his family’s existence during this tumultuous period of conflict.

Despite the overwhelming challenges, Ali valiantly fought to safeguard the lives of his loved ones.

“I was leading a tranquil existence in the city of Shabwa, working as a broker and earning a modest income that sustained my family,” reminisced Ali.

However, as the war encroached upon the city’s borders, he found himself compelled to abandon the place he had called home since childhood and seek refuge in Aden

“After my arrival in Aden, I found myself facing a harrowing threat from the Wahaby group, an extremist party backed by the Saudi coalition. This perilous situation arose due to my Shia faith and my revered lineage tracing back to Ahlulbayt (peace be upon them),” shared Ali.

This incident served as a pivotal moment in his life, prompting him to make the arduous decision to relocate to Sana’a.

Despite the heavy airstrikes ravaging the city, he sought solace in the fact that he would be shielded from the perils of racial, regional, and sectarian discrimination.

In the latter part of 2016, Ali made his way to Sana’a, where he found himself reliant on the crucial aid and assistance provided by humanitarian organizations. It wasn’t until July 2020 that a beacon of hope emerged in the form of Al-Siddiqah Bakery, established in Sana’a with the generous support of Lady Fatemah (a.s.) Charitable Trust.

Ali seized the opportunity to become a valued member of the bakery’s staff, embarking on a new chapter in his journey towards self-sufficiency and empowerment.

“When the opportunity to work at the bakery presented itself, I could scarcely believe that I had finally found a path to living with dignity and providing for my family. Alhamdulillah,” expressed Ali with gratitude.

Currently, Ali earns a daily wage that enables him to sustain his family’s nourishment and cover the expenses of his rented accommodation.

Additionally, it affords him the means to procure crucial medication for his heart condition.

Ali’s heartfelt prayers resonate, as he fervently implores, “May Allah abundantly reward all the compassionate donors and Lady Fatemah (a.s.) Charitable Trust, whose unwavering support allows the bakery to persist in its noble mission of nourishing me and hundreds of impoverished individuals in need.”

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