LFT Mothernomics project in Karbala grows and develops

LFT Mothernomics project in Karbala grows and develops

Jummah Mubarak

As the Lady Fatemah Trust Mothernomics project in Karbala grows and develops, the products being produced also continue to diversify.

From school uniforms to women’s garments to medical products.

One of the projects’ most recent orders is over 200 sets for the nutrition staff for one of Karbala biggest school districts. This is another order being fulfilled for this district as they are so pleased with the products and quality provided that they continue to come back.

The carefully stitched uniforms by the widowed mothers will be worn by staff who distribute meals on a daily basis to thousands of students.

The project is unique because it not only provides stitching but also embroidery and printing on clothes so the customer can further customize their products as they like.

Due to the many orders the project is receiving that require embroidery, the project purchased a new much more advanced embroidery machine to better serve its customers.

Thank you donors and supporters for enabling this and making this wonderful opportunity possible in Karbala