LFT Derna – update 1

LFT Derna – update 1

Thanks to your generosity in response to the catastrophic flooding of the Libyan city of Derna, the LFT was able to mobilise assistance for 300 families to be delivered to some of the survivor families.

Over 11,300 people have been accounted for as dead and an equal number are missing as hopes fade for finding loved ones alive. With no electricity and thousands of unaccounted for dead bodies still in the water fear of water borne diseases haunt the survivors.

Equal numbers of aid workers are busy recovering the dead bodies from the waters in hazmat suits as are distributing food medicines and mattresses and blankets to the 30,000+ survivors.

Now is the time to act and show them that in the name of Lady Fatemah we do care for them in their darkest hour as they make sense of what transpired and grieve their loved ones before stabilising and moving on to lead the rest of their lives without them.