LFT’s Hodeida, Yemen 🇾🇪 contribution to the teachers

LFT’s Hodeida, Yemen 🇾🇪 contribution to the teachers

With the death anniversary of Rasulallah on 28 Safar, we would like to start a monthlong effort to strengthen the LFT’s contribution to the teachers in all the work we do.

In Hodeida, Yemen, where teachers have endured two years without receiving their salaries, we have secured a matching donor who will double contributions made toward family food baskets for the region. This means that every £52, US$65, CAD$90, or AUD$100 donated will provide not one, but two essential family food baskets.

Our goal is to deliver a total of 1,445 of these life-changing baskets to deserving families. By joining us in this mission, you can help improve the chances of Yemeni children, many of whom are orphaned, to stay in school with support from their teachers’ families.

Let’s make a difference together!