International Literacy Day – LFT committed to promote learning

International Literacy Day – LFT committed to promote learning

Salaamun Alaikum and Jumuah Mubarak

As we commemorate International Literacy Day in 8 September let us make a firm commitment to help promote learning in all communities around the world especially the vulnerable children of widowed mothers, those with speacial learning needs like the deaf communities and rural communities who do not have access to good schooling.

In a week’s time we will be commemorating the death anniversary of the Holy Prophet of Islam who emphasised the value of learning from cradle to grave.

Throughout the work of the LFT access to education is paramount for us to develop the quality of life in the communities we work with from Afghanistan Gaza India Iraq Kenya Pakistan Tanzania Yemen and the United Kingdom.

From providing food parcels to teachers in Yemen who don’t earn a wage to teach to increasing teacher effectiveness in Tanzania and ensuring the deaf communities in Gaza Iraq and Pakistan don’t miss out on an education let’s work together to transform lives armed with a pen, shielded by a book.