LFT Kenya 🇰🇪 Making a splash

LFT Kenya 🇰🇪 Making a splash

LFT Kenya 🇰🇪 Making a splash – The latest water borewell and water desalination facility enabled by the generosity of patrons of the LFT became functional in this week.

Powered by solar energy this is one of over a dozen projects of its kind and complements many other borewells and water storage tanks across East Africa that supply fresh drinking water to schools community centres and homes.

Working with these communities consistently over the past two decades your generosity has enabled over a quarter of a million people to be served fresh water in the name of the mother of Imam Husain in East Africa.

Additionally many more are served in Afghanistan Iraq Pakistan and Yemen and the numbers served keeps growing as your generosity on the name of Lady Fatemah continues.

So if you can why not give £72 this Muharram and share with 72 friends and family so the benefit, just like the water from the projects you support just continues to flow.