LFT’s educational support for orphaned children carries on

LFT’s educational support for orphaned children carries on

In memory of the orphaned children of Karbala – LFT’s educational support for orphaned children carries on:

Dasht-e-Barchi, Kabul, Afghanistan*

In a deprived community of Dasht-e-Barchi, Kabul, Afghanistan, a tale of resilience and triumph unfolds. Meet Shaima, an 11-year-old girl who has faced more challenges in her young life than most could imagine.

Orphaned and left with her mother, Tahera, after her father’s departure, Shaima’s world seemed bleak and uncertain.
But amidst the hardships, a glimmer of hope emerged when

Shaima was enrolled in a school, thanks to the unwavering support of LFT’s education programme for orphaned children. Prior to this opportunity, Shaima had studied up to third grade at Sayeed Shuhada Girls School – the school which was attacked by terrorists and killed more than 100 children, but financial difficulties had forced her to discontinue her education.

Tahera, the sole breadwinner, worked tirelessly on a cucumber farm, earning a mere 2500 Afghani per month which is less than $1 a day.

Their income barely covered the essentials for their six-member family, including Shaima and her four siblings, as well as their elderly grandmother.

With rent, bills, and utilities piling up, Tahera’s heart ached, knowing she couldn’t provide her children with financial support for their education.

Shaima, in particular, was burdened by her family’s financial struggles. Though she was grateful for the opportunity to attend school through LFT’s education sponsorship programme, she longed for a better life for her family in the future. The transformative power of education soon became evident in Shaima’s life.

With each passing day, she grew more enthusiastic about learning, striving to improve herself and shape a brighter future.

The supportive atmosphere at LFT supported school allowed her to blossom emotionally and socially.

She developed pleasant conduct and became more gregarious, forming meaningful friendships with her classmates.

Despite the school being an hour away from her home, Shaima woke up early every morning, donning her school uniform (made by MOM, another LFT programme) with zest and confidence.

Her dedication and hard work bore fruit as she emerged as the top student in her class, outshining 25 other children.

Tahera’s heart swelled with pride for her daughter’s accomplishments, and she expressed her deep gratitude to LFT for their unwavering support.

“The programme had not only given Shaima the chance to pursue her education but had also instilled in her a sense of purpose and ambition”.

Shaima’s success story stands as a testament to the transformative power of education and the impact of LFT’s educational programme for vulnerable households and orphaned children in an extremely difficult situation of Afghanistan in general and Hazara communities in particular. Her journey serves as an inspiration to many, reminding us of all of the resilience that lies within each child’s spirit.