The Triumph of Latifa: A Journey of Empowerment through Mothernomics

The Triumph of Latifa: A Journey of Empowerment through Mothernomics

Dedicated to the widowed mothers of Karbala – The Triumph of Latifa: A Journey of Empowerment through Mothernomics

Meet Latifa, one of our participants in Mothernomics workshop in Kabul who has overcome numerous obstacles and thrived in the programme. Her journey from humble beginnings to becoming a skilled tailor, making a dignified living, is truly inspiring. Thanks to the invaluable opportunities provided by LFT, Latifa has gained professional expertise, enthusiasm, and self-confidence.

Latifa opens up about her past struggles, “Before joining the MOMs, I endured immense economic hardship. I couldn’t afford to pay my home rent, bills, or meet my children’s basic needs such as textboos and stationaries. For two years, I couldn’t buy new clothes for my children or take them to doctor for check-up. I felt completely broken, lacking self-confidence, and felt poor.”

Gratefully, she continues, _”After joining MOMs, I transformed into a courageous woman who steps out of the house every morning, seeking new clothing designs to create in line with customer demands and market trends. I skilfully sew around ten pairs of clothes each month, including t-shirts, Hijabs, dresses, and uniforms. The cost of each garment varies from 60 to 150 Afghani, depending on customer preferences and orders.”_

Latifa shares her remarkable progress, _”At the beginning and after the graduation from the course, my income was less than 1000 Afghani per month. However, as I honed my sewing skills through receiving regular support at MOM centre, Now, I earn more that 6000 Afghani per month in average._

Comparing her life before and after Mothernomics, Latifa is overwhelmed with her extraordinary achievements. _”I have acquired vital skills and undergone significant personal growth. Additionally, I have fostered strong connections within the community, and people prefer ordering their clothes from me due to my professional designing and stitching. These newly enhanced skills have had a profound impact on every aspect of my life. Now, I can easily cover my household expenses, including rent, clothing, and other daily needs for myself and my children.”_

Her newfound financial stability allowed her to fulfil a long-cherished dream, as she shares, _”Last Eid holidays, after years of prayer and hope, I went to Bamiyan, Band-e-Amir. I had enough money to cover all the expenses, and this was all possible because of the empowering nature of Mothernomics and the unwavering support of LFT’s team. I sincerely appreciate and wholeheartedly thank all who have been involved to help me to stand on my feet.”_

Latifa’s story is a testament to the transformative dynamic of programmes like Mothernomics, which provide women like her with opportunities to break free from economic hardship, gain self-sufficiency, and thrive in their chosen fields.

Through her determination and the support of LFT, Latifa has become a beacon of hope, inspiring many others to embrace their potential and shape a brighter future for themselves and their communities.