*Eid Al Adha Meals Distribution Programme – Afghanistan 🇦🇫 *

*Eid Al Adha Meals Distribution Programme – Afghanistan 🇦🇫 *

In continuation of LFT’s ongoing emergency food assistance project that has so far asssisted over 10,000 families since the fall of the government, this Eid ul Adha we thanks to the generosity of our patrons we witnessed yet another successful implementation of the Eid Al Adha meals distribution programme in Dasht-e-Barchi, Kabul, Afghanistan.

The programme aimed to provide Qurbani meals to hundreds of families who are grappling with severe poverty and food insecurity.

The programme team diligently identified the most underprivileged families in Dasht-e-Barchi, focusing on areas such as Shahrak Etifaq, Shahrak Jaffaria, Kata Bolandi, and Qala Qazi. These families, numbering close to six hundred in total, were identified and selected, with an average of seven individuals per household. These areas were chosen as they lacked community feasting celebrations, leaving these families without any means to partake in the festivities.

They have been enduring acute food insecurity, struggling to provide meals for several months.
Distribution Process: To bring joy and excitement to these deserving families during the sacred occasion of Eid Al Adha, LFT arranged for the provision of the sheep.

These animals were slaughtered, and the meat was divided among the selected families. Each household received an average of 1.25 of fresh meat, totalling almost 800 kg of distributed meat in the aforementioned areas.

The distribution process took place on the first day of Eid, by dedicated LFT local team and with assistance from a group of Hazara volunteers from the local communities spearheading the effort. The local team and community volunteers visited each household door-to-door, ensuring that the Qurbani meals reached the intended recipients efficiently and without any inconvenience.

The communities assisted continue to benefit from not just emergency food assistance but also education for orphaned children, opportunities to train in the mothernomics program training as well as production for all widowed mothers and mental health well-being support through the trauma for all families.

Thank you for your continued generosity, LFT donors