Zilhajj – LFT Afghanistan and Yemen

Zilhajj – LFT Afghanistan and Yemen

Whilst the education mental and physical healthcare and economic empowerment remain the core focus at the LFT, we have always facilitated communities in crisis to receive the base necessities to avoid hunger and starvation.

As the noble month of Zilhajj starts we aim to serve communities in

Afghanistan and Yemen with qurbani meat for 20,000 individuals and emergency food parcels for a further 7,500 individuals. The work of the Al Siddika bakery also carries on each day with the production of 150,000 loaves of bread over this month.

Please do carry on giving your charity in this month so the communities in greatest need are able to do their acts of worship for Zilhajj as well as celebrate their Eid Al Adha in relative comfort whilst we reintegrate them with our empowerment activities.