Read about Mehdi- an orphaned child whose dreams come true through LFT’s educational programme.

Read about Mehdi- an orphaned child whose dreams come true through LFT’s educational programme.

This Jumuah meet Mehdi, an orphaned child growing up in Dasht-e-Barchi in Kabul and whose dreams come true through LFT’s educational programme.

Ten yearold Mehdi is one of the 50 children attending a primary school with support of the LFT initiated education activity for orphaned children in the suburb of Kabul known for housing Hazara Shia Muslim refugees in Afghanistan.

Through the programme, LFT aims to support the most vulnerable children with access to quality education in their local communities.

Regrettably, the number of children attending schools has sharply declined since the collapse of the last government which also followed by overlapping humanitarian and economic crises in the country.

Economic hardship of families is among the primary reasons for the increased dropout rates, particularly in Dasht e Barchi.

The decrease started even earlier with COVID-19 pandemic and the political changes and instability have further exacerbated the challenges, compelling children to leave school and seek work or marriage (for girls) as alternative solutions.

Aware of these circumstances, LFT initiated an education program to support out-of-school and underprivileged children in continuing their education.

As part of this program, a winter learning center was established in 2022, providing a three-month learning opportunity for 50 children.

Subsequently, LFT enrolled these orphaned and disadvantaged children, including Mehdi, in a private school as part of the programme.

For the past two years, Mehdi has been studying at the school with the support of LFT. Reflecting on his journey, Mehdi shared, -“Two years ago, I was enrolled in school through this program, which completely transformed my life as an orphaned child and turned my dream of education into reality”. He expressed how it instilled hope, energy, and courage in him, proving that even as an orphaned boy, he could learn and harness his potential with the necessary support.

Throughout these two years, Mehdi has received comprehensive support, including tuition-free for school, textbooks, stationery, and learning materials. This support has motivated him to study harder and excel.

Additionally, the LFT mental health team has provided invaluable support and counseling on mental well-being to Mehdi and his family.

This complementary support has played a vital role in strengthening their mental and psychological resilience. Expressing his aspirations, Mehdi shared, “I am fully dedicated to my studies because I have a dream of becoming a pilot in the future. This dream can only be realized if I have access to education and continue to receive the support I need”.

He further emphasized, “I feel a sense of helplessness, but it is the support of organizations like LFT that prevents us from giving up on our dreams and enables us to move forward in pursuit of the future we envision”. Mehdi expressed with great enthusiasm: “…the school environment and interactions with fellow students and teachers have instilled courage within me. Every day, as I go to school, I am reminded of the joys I experience today, and the transformative role education can play in shaping my future”.
In heartfelt gratitude, Mehdi concluded, “I am immensely thankful to LFT and all those who have extended a helping hand, empowering us to embrace education and shape a brighter future. Your support has made a profound difference in our lives”.