Latifa’s lived experience – a Mothernomics programme participant in Kabul

Latifa’s lived experience – a Mothernomics programme participant in Kabul

Coming from a poor family and background, Latifa has now finished the training at Mothernomics and is working in the workshop, strengthening her skills and making money to live a dignified life. She is a woman whom the programme provided with an unmatched opportunity to develop vocational skills and step on the empowerment path.  She shares a house with her mother’s family in the Dasht-e-Barchi area of Kabul.

“Before I came to the Mothernomic workshop, I had a very basic knowledge of sewing and tailoring. But, I learned many new things since joining the workshop. This self-empowerment journey made me hopeful about my future and gave me the power to flourish. I have acquired the necessary sewing and tailoring skills at MoM as a result of training and practice work with other mothers”. Latifa says about her experience.  “I was somewhat isolated and felt weak before coming here but now feel very much attached to both my life and work,” she adds.

Latifa goes on to say: “Currently, in addition to becoming a skilled tailor, I see many changes in myself in terms of behavior and morals. Of course, these changes did not occur only for me, but for my mother, three brothers, and four sisters all of whom are happy because now I am an income earner and pay for house costs such as house rent, clothing, and other daily expenses with the money I earn from the tailoring center. In one word, I have reaped extraordinary benefits from the Mothernomics”

Further, Latifa speaks of a good mood brought about for herself and all her family members due to her employment outside. “Especially my mother is very happy about it. In the status quo of Afghanistan, whoever could solve a portion of the families’ problem and finds a path out of destitution and crisis, he or she is a winner and feels happy,” she indicates with gratitude to LFT for enabling the programme.

“Therefore, I feel very happy that I have a job, income and get out of the corner of the home every morning. I sincerely thank the LFT for backing voiceless women like us and also those who have given us a helping hand in such a critical situation,” she concludes while standing at a peak point in her MoM journey.