Amina, 32, talks about her inspiring Mothernomics journey

Amina, 32, talks about her inspiring Mothernomics journey

Amina is a widowed woman who joined the Mothernomics workshop almost eight months ago as a trainee. She lost her husband several years ago and was left as a lonely young widowed woman condemned to take her life forward. “After losing my husband, I felt that my life had no meaning, and I lived with that thought day and night. Indeed, I found my life destroyed after my husband’s death although I had a small son,” said Amina. “As there is a saying, there is much hope in despair; this programme happened to turn my life around as a result of which I am now feeling alive again and standing on my feet,” she continued.

After joining the tailoring workshop [Mothernomic], the environment, routine work, and behavior of her colleagues gave her a lot of strength and motivation that instilled this hope in her that a widowed woman can also work and lead an independent life regardless of how hard life has been for her. As a programme that responds to an emergency situation for mothers in Afghanistan, Mothernomics has greatly uplifted women like Amina from destitution and despair. Further, the logic of MoM and the widespread support Amina has received along this way have helped her to work and learn with great interest and enthusiasm. On the other hand, her meetings with psychotherapy counselors have changed and improved her psychological well-being and they have worked with Amina in special sessions. She feels lucky to have come to the tailoring center and got the chance to prosper.

“Joining the tailoring center not only rescued me from being confined to the corner of the home but also helped me acquire the tailoring skills and become the owner of my job and income, Amina explained. “I am now able to provide for my living expenses, send my son to school, and cover most of my household’s costs such as food, clothing, etc. with the money I earn from Mothernomics.”

Thanks to the generous support of the LFT and its donors, now she leads a normal life along with her son and conveys her message to the LFT and its supporters from a position of strength and power MoM enabled her to gain.