Read about Mujtaba and Zainab- two orphaned children attending school with the support of LFT

 Read about Mujtaba and Zainab- two orphaned children attending school with the support of LFT

Mojtaba- 11- is an orphaned and economically poor child studying in the fifth grade of a private school in west of Kabul with the support of LFT. His father got addicted and went missing several years ago, leaving Mujtaba and his two siblings alone and helpless. 

“Our mom is head of our household, who is supposed to feed, support and take care of her three children despite being in a desperate situation financially,” Mujtaba says. “I have one brother and a sister. My mother supports our household expenses by doing embroidery and struggles to pay for home rent due to insuffiency of the money she makes,” he adds. In such a situation, his mother has not given up on enabling and supporting her children’s schooling. She has sent and kept her children in school in the previous years in the face of all difficulties but thankfully, this year her two children – Mujtaba and Zainab – have come under the coverage of LFT’s education programme in Kabul Afghanistan and their dropped out avoided.

The support these two receive is critical at this time as some families are forced to withdraw their children from school and deploy them to work or marry their daughters off very young only to earn some money to get by.

Now, Zainab is studying in third grade and Mujtaba in fifth which is an absolute blessing and pleasure for both (especially Zainab whose education is facing huge oppositions in the current regime) as they are finding themselves in classrooms among dozens of other children who dream a better future.

Zainab also indicates: “I have not seen an organization providing educational support to orphaned children at this scale at least in my close neighborhood. LFT is the only organization which backs children like us through fee-waivered school tutoring, giving learning kits and a broad set if stationeries for which I am deeply thankful to it and its patrons”.

“This schooling programme enabled through the LFT not only rescues us from dropping school but motivates us to study harder for our future. For this reason, I am determined to study hard and make best use of this chance so that I can one day hold my mother’s and siblings’ hand myself,” Mujtaba adds.