LFT Kabul – Interview with Raiza LFT’s MOM participant

LFT Kabul – Interview with Raiza LFT’s MOM participant

Interview with Razia – LFT’s MOM participant in Kabul

Question: What difference are you seeing in yourself since joining the Mothernomics and what changes have you been experiencing in your personal and social life?  Razia: Well, before coming to the MoM center, I was very tired of life to the point where I often thought about death and suicide because nothing was going well for us. When my child passed away, life became almost meaningless to me. After the death of my husband, I was increasingly becoming upset and hopeless with the passing of each day. As a widowed woman, I could find no window of opportunity open to me. On the other hand, taking care of my children is a huge burden on my shoulder. Indeed, I was confined to the four walls before joining the workshop but Mothernomics provided me with a great platform to get out of that situation and changed my despair into hope.

Question: What new message do you have after participating in the Mothernomics for months and how have your learnings benefitted you and your family?  Razia: firstly, the new message I have is that I am now seeing huge positive changes in my life and livelihood. I feel very energized and hopeful when I go to the workshop and see my co-workers. With the tailoring job at MoM, my day is going well, and return refreshed from the job which helps me be good at home. Fortunately, I am feeling so well off due to working outside and receiving mental health aid in particular. My work income helps cover my family’s costs such as food, clothing, medicine, and children’s school fees very well for which I feel very relieved. Secondly, what I have learned in the workshop, has given me not only confidence but also the power to be a skilled mother and income generator.

How have the psychotherapy trainers (since the start of their work) helped you along this path?

Razia: The psychotherapy trainers have cooperated and communicated with us in a way that has been very fruitful i.e., they have enabled us to become mentally reinforced and able to better tackle life issues. They have incorporated psychological therapy into our work and life. Personally, I have become an optimistic and active person. I am applying the skills they teach us in my everyday life and this is what makes me very happy because I have managed to prosper in life since my journey with MoM began.