LFT Afghanistan – Sakina’s Journey with Mothernomics

LFT Afghanistan –  Sakina’s Journey with Mothernomics

Sakina tells about what she is experiencing daily as a result of working in the Mothernomics

“I was an isolated and depressed person before I came to the MOM workshop but now I am a social and amiable person very comfortable and enjoying interacting and communicating with others”, says Sakina, a participant in the Mothernomics workshop. Her participation in the programme been transformative for her in various regards: she has benefitted financially as a result of her eight hours working in the workshop, improving her livelihood; has managed to alter her personal and psychological condition; improved her family environment and provided better upbringing for her children using the skills she has gained; and made a lot of new friends outside of the home.

She says: “Mothernomics programme has given me enough courage which I lacked before; now I can attend group talks and conversations (including with my friends and co-workers) without any hesitation and fear and can express my ideas very comfortably.”

Another impact she talks about is that her work outside has changed her husband’s mentality toward women’s work and made all her family members supportive of her.

Also another important difference Sakina has seen since graduating from MoM is that her purchasing power has increased and enabled her to buy different home necessities as well as pay for her children’s better nutrition and education expenses. She gives examples of times when she couldn’t buy what she liked in the market before, but now she has the ability to do so. “For example, before Eid-al-Fitr, I made clothes for the whole members of my family that made everyone happy. When one person is happy at home it makes others happy too and it is a very nice feeling,” she expresses.  

Particularly, the mental well-being support has helped Sakina better fulfill her potential while gaining greater hope, confidence, and positive change in her daily life.  She says: “I am very happy with my life” since I have become an empowered and self-reliant woman.”