LFT Kabul – Milad’s story

LFT Kabul – Milad’s story

Meet Milad – an orphaned child enrolled in the school and studying with the help of LFT

Milad is a 6-year-old orphaned child who is enrolled in the first grade as a formal school student at a private school in Kabul, Afghanistan. He has progressed to first grade from the preschool class for small children which was established at the school last year with the support of LFT. This year, he is attending first grade as a regular student and receiving quality education in the school.

He lost his father and a brother in a car bomb attack in western Kabul two years ago – when he was just an infant. Since then, his family has been going through a hard time with his mother – now a widowed woman – enduring overwhelming hardships to provide for her children’s expenses and schooling. Milad, his mother, and his sisters are living in a poor family in the Dasht-e-Barchi neighborhood of Kabul city. He has been quite traumatized by the tragic and horrific attack that so miserably took the life of his father and big brother. His mother said that whenever he hears anyone talking about a past suicide attack, he goes to the corner of the room and cries in isolation.

Last year, when we launched our Early Childhood Development/Preschool Center in the school in Dasht-e-Barchi, Milad’s family heard of the program and registered him in the center. For one year, he attended preschool alongside nearly 30 other mainly orphaned children where they received preschool tutoring, learning and play materials, and nutritious refreshments with the patronage of LFT. The preschool helped prepare him for beginning regular schooling just like tens of other students.

“Before joining preschool, he was always upset and unfriendly but since attending preschool and recently starting school, he is becoming a happy and sociable boy motivated to talk to others and study school books,” said her mother. “For me, it is very pleasing to see that Milad is no longer the depressed child he used to be thanks to LFT for its support. Now, he is often studying at home, has found a good character, and his behavior with family members has completely changed,” her mother added with profound happiness visible on her face.

“When he did not get out of home and enjoy an environment like school, he used to sit alone and cried time and again, but since joining the LFT-backed education programme, he has left his habit and is now busy studying and learning in his free time,” his mother indicated.

On the other hand, he, according to his mother, has got a strong spirit and always tries to go to school with a clean and well-groomed appearance. LFT’s education program has changed Milad from a bereaved child to a disciplined and neat student. “For me, his smiling face is everything when he heads to school and returns home happily. I wholeheartedly thank the LFT for giving children like Milad such a worthwhile gift and supporting them with their education costs and learning kits which would, otherwise, be impossible for widowed mothers to ensure, Milad’s mother concluded.