LFT Karbala – Hamida’s story

LFT Karbala – Hamida’s story

LFT- Karbala, Iraq

” I have built a new life for me here, I have made lifelong friendships and gained a safe place for me to work and support my family.”

If you were to ask anyone in the workshop about Hamida they would instantly smile. This is because that is the type of person she is, her cheerful demeanor is contagious to all around her. Seeing her you would never know the trauma and adversities she’s been through.

Looking back at her life Hamida had always struggled and had faced many adversities. She became a mom at a young age and had seven children in total. Her husband Sabah was a taxi driver and did everything he could to provide for his family. Hamida says they didn’t have much, but they were content. They found peace in being together.

Their peace was shattered when they found out that Sabah, Hamida’s husband had stage four bone cancer and that it had spread all over his body. Within a few months Sabah unfortunately passed away and Hamida was left alone with her seven children, her youngest, Mahdi, being only a one year old.

She felt lost and did not know who to turn to. In the first year after her husband’s passing Hamida relied heavily on her family to get by financially as she had no means of earning a living. She was then introduced to different charities and registered for social welfare.

Eight years after his passing and Hamida was introduced to a project that would transform her life more than she could have ever imagined. Following hearing about Mothernomics Hamida was very hesitant to join; she had never worked a day in her life and was greatly struggling with her mental well-being. She was telling herself that she has no experience and has never stitched but eventually she decided to push herself a little and join.

It has been almost 4 years since Hamida joined the project and she has gained so much more than experience. Through the project Hamida was able to develop herself and gain so much more than financial independence. At Mothernomics she has gained friendships and experience, as well as a way of life. The project has enabled her to look at life in a different lens, in a more positive one. Thank you for giving Hamida that opportunity, and for allowing her to live life on her own terms.