LFT mental health well-being

LFT mental health well-being

LFT mental health well-being – a core element of every area we asssit.

Building capacity with mental health first aid is a critical component of our humanitarian work as adults and children emerge from a wobble on their life.

Whether this is a conflict that’s led to the loss of a loved one and displacement or a natural disaster it’s common for the relief efforts to focus on physical needs and often overlook or at best superficially address emotional well-being.

At the LFT we do things differently – we train the key frontline workers in mental health first aid so they can identify and deal with areas of anxiety distress and trauma in widowed mothers their children and the wider community.

In the picture above, a child draws a slip from the Bucket of Kindness activity at a classroom in Dashte Barchi which reads: be kind to yourself.

Today and everyday- thank you restoring Hope imagination and kindness in lives around the world.