LFT Afghanistan mental health first aid

LFT Afghanistan mental health first aid

LFT Afghanistan 🇦🇫- Over the winter months with freezing conditions in Kabul and the rest of Afghanistan, in addition to the Mothernomics and female literacy programs that carry on all year round, the beneficiaries of your generosity and kindness received mental health first aid to help their healing.

In addition 400 families received emergency food parcels to help the most vulnerable tide over their immediete food needs during the coldest months of the year. This support will be increased in the holy month of Ramadhan with your generosity.

Through the emergency relief many of the widowed mothers are now able to take up opportunities in mothernomics and register their children in education and move forward with rebuilding their shattered lives and look forward to the future with courage hope and imagination. Such interventions are designed to drive through the longer term development objectives of sustainable development creating independent living for those hardest hit by conflict and natural disasters.

Thank you for your ongoing generosity.