LFT Tanzania – Mama Abdulahi’s Story

LFT Tanzania –  Mama Abdulahi’s Story

She gave birth to this beautiful baby girl at night in Makunduchi. (There were actually five girls born there that night, and all on the post-maternity ward the next day, lots of girls that night!)

This baby is her second child and she decided to come to Makunduchi Hospital to deliver as she was receiving her prenatal visits at a nearby primary health care centre, all connected and supported through Lady Fatemah Trust, where she received good prenatal care and was advised to deliver at Makunduchi. She arrived at the facility when she was early in labour, and laboured until she delivered the same night. She felt well looked after and more importantly safe. This is a testament to the life and now little Abdulahi at home is eagerly awaiting his baby sister and mom and baby are both doing well, thanks to the well-stocked, staffed and safe maternity in Makunduchi Hospital.

Thanks for all you do Mukhtar and LFT!