LFT MOM Kabul, Afghanistan 🇦🇫 Winters 2022

LFT MOM Kabul, Afghanistan 🇦🇫 Winters 2022

MOM Kabul, Afghanistan 🇦🇫 – with temperatures set to fall as low as -4 degrees over the winter months and families hardly able to put food on the table let along have secure shelters and means of warming their homes, the situation will be really precarious for millions of families in the Dashte Barchi suburbs of Kabul this winter. The elderly sick and widowed mother headed families will be hardest hit.

The Mothernomics workshop there has started to produce blankets for families as well as winter jackets.

We can produce over 1000 blankets and 500 jackets this winter to warm up these vulnerable families whilst providing a source of income to the widowed mothers at mothernomics.

For £50/USD60 we can provide two blankets and two jackets to a typical family in most desperate need.

Help us warm the vulnerable families through empowering the mothers at MOM in Kabul.