LFT Karbala – MOM building

LFT Karbala – MOM building

LFT Karbala – MOM building – Today, the mothers at the LFT’s Mothernomics workshop gathered to recognise the mothers of the month, an activity that will be taking place on a monthly basis. Mothers who had gone over and above their call of duty to excel in their journey of self development were recognized and celebrated.

The following mothers were chosen by the management for special recognition:

1- Sr Ahlam Salman – managed to produce 62 pieces of garments in 23 working days with no quality issues.

2- Sr Fatima Abdullah is a deaf mother and despite moving to a new house, she didn’t miss her commitment at work.

3- Sr Aqeeda Hamza underwent surgery for her toe, and it was difficult for her to move on a daily basis, but she was keen to adhere to hygiene at MOM and helped all mothers with daily cleaning of the workplace to keep the place clean and hygienic.

With your help and encouragement the mothers managed over $12,000 of sales in August that was a good boost in their journey to remain independent.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement. A further 20 mothers wait to join MOM training in October after the period of Arbaeen.

The journey continues.