LFT #Back2School initiatives

LFT #Back2School initiatives

#Back2School – educational excellence has been a hallmark of the projects that the LFT supports across the Middle East, East Africa, South Asia and the United Kingdom. In our series of initiatives we start with the news from Dar es Salaam with the refurbishment of the sanitary facilities for 1,200 students at the Shule Ya Msinge in Dar es salaam. The block was opened in time for the new school year for the comfort of all students and teachers and better hygiene by the Honourable Mussa Azzan Zungu, Speaker of Tanzanian Parliament this morning.

This decades old facilities in the centre of the port city of Dar es salaam in Tanzania was in serious disrepair inconveniencing the students and teachers on this most basic necessity.

Like with the support to the Kaole School and Pongwe primary and secondary school support for holistic teaching and student development continues so that students emerge with the best nurturing experience and ready to be able to join tertiary education or apprenticeships for a good start to their careers.

Thank you to all our donors and do please continue to support educational excellence in all we do sustainably and in the most empowering manner.