Yemen’s Food Insecurity: A Ticking Timebomb

Yemen’s Food Insecurity: A Ticking Timebomb

This year the UN received only 40% of its budget for Yemen and about a quarter of what it asked for last year before any of the other impacts of the pandemic were felt.⁠

⁠ This makes for a very worrying trend for families where the main earner has lost their lives in the war or has seen a reduction or cessation in their earnings. Many are forced to send their children to work or beg thereby creating a greater long-term issue with education and emotional wellbeing in the children and their wider families.⁠

⁠ Since May 2018, the Lady Fatemah Trust’s generous supporters and donors have donated over £2,000,000 to support the innocent Yemen war victims. However, this is not enough and more needs to be done. ⁠ ⁠

How you could assist:⁠ Donate £ 45 and support 1 family of up to 6 persons for a month⁠ Donate £450 and you can help feed 10 families for a month⁠ Donate £ 1,350 and you could help feed 25 families for a month⁠.

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